5 Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

5 Steps to Take After an Auto AccidentBeing involved in a wreck is an experience unlike any other. It can completely alter the lives of those involved, or even end one. In order to minimize injuries and get your own life back on track following an accident it is important to follow a few key steps. While every situation will be different, by taking the following actions you'll be able to cover all your bases regarding the wreck you've been in.

Check for injuries

As soon as the vehicle you're in comes to a complete stop and you've caught your breath you'll want to check yourself for injuries. If you deem yourself able and OK check on your passengers and then the occupants of any other vehicles involved. If it is requested or obviously necessary call an ambulance right away.

Contact the police

Regardless as to if there are serious injuries or not it is always a good idea to contact the police department. Having a police presence will ensure nobody leaves the scene of the accident before they should and it gives you an opportunity to fill out a police report.

Collect evidence

You will want to get photos or documentation of other drivers' licenses and insurance cards. You should also use your camera phone to take pictures of the scene from all angles. It is a good idea to ask witnesses for statements about what they saw.

Notify your insurance provider

Before leaving the accident scene get in touch with your insurance provider to file a claim. They may have certain guidelines that you need to follow before you are able to leave. They will also ask that you bring them any and all evidence you collected, including the police report that you filled out. Finally, they may provide you with some options for where to go for auto body repair, but where you ultimately take your vehicle is up to you.

Find an auto body repair shop

When it comes to finding an auto body repair shop you need to look for certain qualifications. The facility you select should be insurance preferred, employ certified technicians and offer bumper to bumper repair. When it comes to auto body repair in Copiague the place to go is Autospace Collision. Our team of technicians can handle any repairs necessary on any type of vehicle! Give our friendly and knowledgeable team a call at (631) 808-3105 to request a free quote for superior collision repair in Copiague today!

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