What does that mean? 4 Auto Body Repair Acronyms

What does that mean? 4 Auto Body Repair AcronymsWhen you're at the body shop or speaking with your insurance agent they may sound like they're speaking in a foreign language about your car's repair needs. Or perhaps you may be reading a repair record of your car wondering what all these codes mean. In order to speed up the repair process there have been numerous acronyms developed in the collision repair industry. Be aware of these four acronyms so that you can understand exactly what your car is going through while it is at the body shop.


This acronym stands for Like Kind and Quality. This indicates that the collision shop has already installed or is considering using a certain part taken from a different wrecked car that is no longer on the road. The vehicle will be of the same year, make and model. The part will also be inspected by the part seller and a technician at the auto body shop in order to ensure it is of good quality.


If a part is to be saved and reused on your vehicle it will likely be listed as R&I, which stands for remove and install. This indicates the part was removed from the wrecked car and will be reinstalled once repairs to the damage around it have been finished.


If a part can't be reused it will be listed as R&R, or remove and replace. This means that a new replacement part will be installed.


Following an accident your vehicle may need a Front End Alignment. If you car does require an alignment it means that at least one tire is no longer pointing straight or in the same direction as the other tires, this is a common problem after accidents. This acronym may be replaced or written in conjunction with 4WA or FWA. These letters mean that your vehicle will need a four wheel alignment.

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