What is Body Panel Replacement?

What is Body Panel Replacement?When it comes to auto body repair there is often multiple ways to complete a repair, some will be easier than others depending on the type of damage that occurred. One way to complete repairs is by replacing the damaged panel. This is usually the best option when the labor involved to repair the damaged area would cost more than the replacement part. Any area of the body that can be unbolted and replaced can potentially qualify for replacement.

Fender replacement

Fenders are the part of the body that generally fall over the wheels. In some circumstances these could also be referred to as quarter panels.

Hood replacement

The hood is subject to all sorts of damage as it is what leads you down the road, often making it the first point of impact for flying debris and impacts of many other sorts.

Trunk lid replacement

If you are rear ended, even at low speed, the trunk lid is likely to be crunched. Instead of spending the time trying to straighten it out it may be best to simply install a replacement, ensuring it closes properly.

Bumper replacement

They're called bumpers for a reason, because they often bump into things. If yours have been bumped a few too many times and are now sagging, damaged or otherwise unworthy of your ride it may be time to replace either the front bumper or rear bumper.

Grille Replacement

While not technically a body panel, the grille is often damaged in front end collisions, even at low speeds. A replacement grille is likely the best way to restore the front end looks.

Door replacement

A damaged door may not close properly. For best results and to restore your car to a safe state it may be best to replace the damaged door.

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