When Picking an Auto Body Repair Shop the Law is on Your Side

When Picking an Auto Body Repair Shop the Law is on Your SideFollowing a car accident you are likely to spend hours on the phone with insurance companies, lawyers, auto body shops and perhaps doctors. After speaking with your insurance company they will probably tell you that you need to receive a certain amount of quotes or that you should visit a particular auto body repair shop. Stop! You don't need to do either of those things. There are a couple misconceptions about auto body repair that you should be aware of.

While an insurance company may give you a list of suggested auto body shops that they prefer your work with, it doesn't mean you are required to use any of them. According to federal law you have the last say about which shop will complete your auto body repairs, and the insurance company must pay for the damages covered by your policy, no matter which shop you choose. Be sure you understand your insurance policy before you ever need to use it.

Federal laws also state that you don't need to have multiple body shops assess the damage to give you a quote for collision repair. You only need to provide your insurance company with one estimate. If you would like to get more quotes, that is up to you. Estimates from different auto body shops can differ, but cheaper ones may not reflect all the repairs that your vehicle will need. If an insurance estimator needs to take a look at the car you may also leave your car at an auto body repair shop of your choice and they can visit the vehicle there, you don't need to bring it to them.

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